Amtrak campaign: position Amtrak as a green travel service. Associate the brand image with purchase experience instead of machinery.

Identity design process: info graphic from process journal.

Stationery guidelines: just in case they didn’t get the InDesign templates.

Branding guide: download the complete branding guide at:

Poster design.

Poster series.

Web site home page.

Interface features: login and search elements fade in only when they are needed. Mouse overs are obvious with large hit areas.

Amtrak 60 second commercial: show productive enjoyable activities normally done at home or work accomplished on train..

Taxi: ideal location for advertisements.

The Matrix Campaign: Bus advertisment.

Poster series.

DVD case.

Newspaper ad.


Website home page.

Video: 30 second trailer. Not original Audio.

Start Volunteering campaign: design for a new non-profit seeking investors as part of 3 person team using existing source material.

Large poster: new logo with bright flat colors is appealing to MTV generation.

Flyer, magazine spread and post cards.

Newspaper ad and sign board.

Start Volunteering broadcast comercial and website video: composed from client footage using AfterEffects.

Web site strategy: photo and video contributions from volunteers serve as destination icons.

Banner ads: click to play.

Merchandise: vacation sites can offer merchandise as part of online registration package and take home gift.

Investor brochure: an executive summary for seed capital.