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Aesthetics through repurposing and reusing

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8 video/audio blogs updated since your last visit. here's some highlights.

Studio Loft Redesign

Take a small space and make it look big.

This project makes use of a translucent light screen to create a spacious feeling in a small space. The author will discuss how he found a discarded screen, refinished it, and converted it into a horizontal partition to use as a permanent wall. (more)

Repurposing ideas

Join in the speculation, start a discussion or just listen in to what our experts have to say.

Video Blog on Repurposing for specific types of found material.

This interactive video library is a cross referenced and relevant source for inspiration and ideas when you have an object and you want to know what to do with it.

Sort by Style, Color, Purpose, or cost. This is an interactive organization of projects based on types of materials used. When you have a blender you no longer use but it's too attractive to throw away what do you do? We take a blender and some commonly discarded objects and show how to put them to use in a way that helps reduce consumption and your environmental footprint. (more)

Reader Survey

Tell us and we'll tell others.

Surveys are only fun when you can find out how others answered and why. We have speculation of the subjects of interest to you for each survey question. But there's a catch. You have to answer a question for us first.:) After you've told us your reasons for reusing materials we'll show you how you compare with others based on concept similarity. or let you view a snipet of their responses. . .

It's more fun to repurpose surface textures than shape forms. T/ F