Flash website built using open source, Action Script 2, page flipping code with UI customization per clients request.
www.SeaRetreats.com learning workshop vacations focused on couples counseling.

Open CSS Zen Garden, a stye and design contest where only a linked CSS style sheet can be changed to beautify a web standards XHTML Document.

Open Repurposed Living, a web2.0 site that integrates multimedia and surveys in a fresh magazine format with a purpose.

Open Roshambo Winery, an examaple of integrating Flash components into a validated XHTML layout for an eclectic boutique luxury product.

Open XYZ restaurant in a new window, or edit the restaurant menu in a new window. Both are PHP driven template designs.

Open Zara, a proposal for a crowd sourced innovative navigation strategy based on mimicking the in-store browsing experience.

Open www.ekologic.com, a currently live example of custom Flash AS2 code including paypal and JSON integration for selling one of a kind items.

Download Online_Address_Book.pdf (85pages, 32Mbytes), a case study where best practices are implemented for designing a web address book.

include in the Online_Address_Book.pdf, are competitive analysis, wireframes, use cases, user profiles and scenarios.